Kajang Municipal Council with the collaboration of Councilors and Institut Kemahiran Tinggi Belia Negara, Dusun Tua as organized LA21 – River Care 2017 Program on 15th April 2017 at Hot Spring Dusun Tua, Hulu Langat. This program is intended to nurture the spirit of loving and responsibility to take care the nature.

River Care 2017 Program was officiated by Encik Mohamad Jan Bin Sulong Councilors of Kajang Municipal Council. After inauguration ceremony, participants throw the Mud Ball to the river as a symbol of launched. There were 150 participants join the program and among activities were carried out are:

1.    Planting the tree
2.    Gotong Royong around pool and river
3.    Mud Ball throw into the river
4.    Signage installation

Among the agencies participated in this program are Penghulu Office, Syarikat Sri Gunung Sdn Bhd and local community.